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I got hives. Now I want to save the bees.

My name is Jeff. And that's my butt. Looking at that photo, I realize that I should buy some new jeans. I've been wearing them since I started beekeeping. We got our first hive of bees when we were living in a subdivision in Missouri City. It was against our HOA, but no one noticed. I bet they noticed that their flowers got a lot prettier. 


A few years, and honey extractions, later, I started talking to other beekeepers about this amazing hobby. We talked about the challenges, the cost, the reward. We came to a consensus. Extracting honey is a lot of work. And it's expensive. 


I started the Texas Honey Trading Company to help Texas beekeepers overcome that very challenge. If you have the room, why not keep as many bees as possible? I challenge you to keep as many hives of bees as your property can sustain. Everyone wins. You keep more hives, which allows bees to reproduce. Reproduction improves genetic diversity. They make more honey, which gets you paid. I get your honey and sell it to consumers. Consumers get to eat nature's most amazing sweetener.


We need more local, high quality honey on the market. There's no reason we should rely on other states or countries to provide Texans with this resource.


I love honey. Everyone loves honey. 




P.S. Here's a little video of when I first started keeping bees. If you're thinking about becoming a beekeeeper, do it. It's obvious that if I can do it, so can you.

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