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Your state. Your honey.

Texas bees are amazing. We are blessed with a climate that allows these insects to work year round. From the piney woods in East Texas to the desert of the southwest, honeybees create honeys with a huge varieties of color, aroma, and taste. 


We want to provide you with an easy way of finding honey that's made from bees close to you. The honey you can buy from us may have even been produced by bees that visited flowers in your yard. Honey has been shown to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms. What better way to combat allergies than to eat such a sweet treat?


The honey we get from our beekeepers is the most premium, small batch honey you can buy. It is honey in the purest form. By working with local beekeepers, bees don't have to be transported to different areas. Trucking bees around the state and country causes undue stress and disease to the bees, which is thought to be a major cause to the collapse of bee populations in the United States. Our goal is to work with small scale beekeepers all over the state so that we can provide you with the most delicous, local honey available. 

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