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Find exactly where your honey was created.

Our beekeepers are stewards of an insect and an industry under attack. Honey bees are in decline, and more honey is imported into this country than ever before. We offer a way for honey to be brought to market that otherwise could not. You don't have to buy honey from an international corporation that has no accountability to their bees or customers. 

We offer something incredibly unique. We track exactly where your honey was created. By partnering with small-scale beekeepers throughout the state, we can offer what no other honey company can: small batch honey produced by real Texas beekeepers. Our honey is pure, delicious Texas goodness.

As we add beekeepers to our network and have their honey available to purchase, we'll add them to the map. When you buy a bottle of honey from us, check back in to learn exactly whose bees created your honey!

Meet your Beekeper

Texas Honey Trading Company

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Uniquely Texas

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