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Make money, money, money.

We want to extract your honey for you. It saves you time, effort, and a whole lot of cost. It's an immediate way for you to sell your honey, without setting foot in a farmer's market. You don't have to design labels. You don't even have to skirt the crazy state laws that regulate honey sales. Our pricing structure allows you to sell a portion of your honey to us and to keep some honey for your own use.


When your supers are full, let us know, and we'll schedule an appointment to come to you. Our mobile extractoris always clean and sanitized to ensure a high quality honey and to prevent the spread of disease. 


We are based in Richmond, TX, but we'll come to you when you're ready for honey harvest. Our prices are beneficial to both us and the beekeeper. We pay a higher than normal rate for honey because we want small-scale beekeepers to allow us to extract and sell their honey. That way, they get revenue for their work, and we get a consistent supply of the best honey available.

We understand that you may want to keep a portion of the honey that we extract. That's not a problem. When we schedule your appointment, just let us know, and we'll work that out.


I hope all that wasn't too confusing. Just contact us for pricing and with any questions you may have. We also work with medium and large scale beekeepers. We want their honey, too.


Click the link below to join our network of beekeepers. When you're ready for extraction, we'll get an appointment scheduled.

Sell your honey

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Texas Honey Trading Company

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