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Truly local, Truly delicious

Your source of artisan honey

Why eat honey if it's not local to you? We are blessed with a productive, diverse climate that produces an amazing product. Every part of Texas offers something unique. That's what sets the Texas Honey Trading Company apart from any other honey company. We are trying to create a network of beekeepers all over the state so that we can provide the consumer with the most local honey possible.


We provide unique, small batch honey that is never blended. We want you know know your beekeeper, and know your bees. Beekeepers put their blood, sweat, and tears (mostly from all the stingers) into their craft to provide our customers with the most amazing, natural sweetener that Mother Nature has to offer. We are truly hive to table.

Every beekeeper will tell you that the most tedious, time consuming part of beekeeping is extracting and bottling honey. That's not to mention the cost and space the equipment takes up, and you only use it once or twice a year!


We want to create new beekeepers. We also want beekeepers to keep more bees. The incremental time it takes to keep one hive versus ten is minimal. If you have the room, let us help you keep more bees. All you need to provide are the hives and the bees. When your supers are full, let us know, and we'll come to you. Honey is extracted on site. We'll then weigh your honey and pay a bulk rate. We merely charge a small extraction fee. 

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Texas Honey Trading Company

Eat Honey.

Save bees.

We started the Texas Honey Trading Company to break down the barriers to beekeeping. People keep bees for a number of reasons: from honey production, flower and crop pollination, or merely for an Ag exemption. Whatever the reason, tending to bees is the easy and fun part. The honey extraction and bottling is the work. The extraction process is time consuming, labor intensive, and most of all...expensive. 


Our goal is to make it easy on the beekeeper. Stick to caring for your bees, and let us package your honey. The process is simple. Tend to your bees throughout the year. We're not your beekeeper. That's your job. When your honey supers are full, let us know, and we'll come extract your honey. 

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Trading honey to save the bees.
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Let us extract. And we'll buy your honey.

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